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Do Hamsters Have Tails

I have had hamsters for many years. Every time, when a guest comes to my house and I introduce him with my baby rodents, the first question they ask is “do hamsters have a tail?”

The answers is yes they do have tails and they can vary in length dependent on the bread of the hamster.

Hamsters are the member of the rodent family. They are small and solitary creatures. They look like a rat or gerbil. Since they are fluffy and have lots of soft and thick fur on their body, their tails hide behind their hairs.

Now, you got the answer, right! Yes, Hamsters definitely have tails. Anyway, I am going to tell you many fascinating specifics about the almost pseudo tails of hamsters.

How Big Are The Tails of Hamsters?

I once tried to measure the tails of a hamster and a rat. It was a fun experiment. So, I took a measuring tape and one by one measured both tails. My results were obvious. Rats have long tails. The tails help rodents to mobile fast.

Hamsters, on the other hand, have short tails. In fact, their tails are even shorter to their total body length. The small length of hamster’s tail is the reason behind people’s confusion. The tail is so short that sometimes it is hard to notice its existence.

As per a general estimation, the average length of the tail is six times shorter than the hamster’s body length. The tail of my hamster is only 1 inch long. This is actually the size of the tail of most of the hamsters.

Do you know that the size of the tails of hamsters varies as the breed of hamsters changes? The tail of a European hamster is around 5-6 cm whereas Chinese hamsters have tails as long as their body length. Syrian hamsters have a stubby tail, and Winter Whites and Campbells have small fluffy tails.

Dwaf hamster tail

Do Hamster’s Tails Grow?

Well, after answering the first question, people immediately shoot the second question ‘Do hamster tails grow’? It actually depends upon which breed of hamsters we are talking about.

Chinese hamsters have long tails and it grows with their age. The newborn Chinese hamsters have a very short tail. As the body size grows, the tails also grow. Syrian hamsters are born with short tails. Since the tail size depends upon their body size, it grows to 1/6 of their body size.

Will a Hamster’s Tail Grow Back If It Gets Cut Off?

Hamsters are rodents, they are not lizards. Very few animals have the capability of regenerating their tails. Only some breeds of lizards, geckos, and iguanas can grow back their tails if once cut off. Hamsters cannot grow back their tails.

It is important to take care of your hamsters. If due to any reason, the hamster has cut in its tail, rush to a vet. There might be chances of infection.

What Do Hamsters Use Their Tails for?

I love when people ask questions about my hamsters. It excites me to talk about my tinny babies. So, the third question people usually put up is “What is the use of their tails”?

I laugh a lot when people ask me the use of hamster’s tail. But, can you blame them? The hamster’s tails are almost nonexistent. It is obvious to have curiosity like that.

Let us dig the answer then. The hamster’s tails are for balancing their body. When they are jumping or playing around, the tails help in smooth motion. Not to forget, the small tails add the cuteness to the whole look of a hamster.

Hamster’s Tail Length Compared to Gerbils and Mice?

Now the next question would be how hamsters have different tails than gerbils and mice. The evolution theory is the correct answer. Although all three belongs to the same rodent family, yet they have different subfamilies.

  • Hamster belongs to the subfamily Cricetinae of rodent,
  • Gerbil is from subfamily Gerbilinae,
  • And mice are from the subfamily Murinae.

Among gerbil, hamster, and mice, the hamsters have the shortest tails. The average size of a gerbil’s tail is 4 inches approximately. The size of the tail is almost equal to the body length of a gerbil. It is as long as the tail of a mouse or a rat. However, gerbil has a furry tail and not hairless like mice. It also has a small curve at the tip.

Rodent tail sizes

Mice also have a long tail. Their tail is longer than their body length.  It is almost hairless. The long tail helps mice to balance their body while high jumping and running fast.

Hamster’s tail is short but its body size is big. Try to compare a small mouse and a dwarf hamster. Interestingly, although both have the overall same body size along with the tail, due to short tail, the body size of hamster is large.

Summing Up

So now you know, not only are hamsters very cute to look at but they also have a tail and the tail can be of different sizes dependent on the bread of hamsters.

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