Syrian Hamster Making Noise

Why Your Syrian Hamster Is Making a Squeaking Noise

I still remember the first time my 5-month-old female Syrian hamster started making a weird noise. I had just gone to bed when I heard the sound. It was a chirping or squeaking sound coming from my Syrian hamster.

At that time I had no idea about the noise. My baby is generally very calm and peaceful. Of course, I was anxious. I thought, she had a problem and it was a cry for help. I waited and the squeaking stopped after a few minutes.

Next day, I did my own research.

Then I got to know that Syrian hamsters squeak mainly because of the following four reasons:

When they are happy, when they are frightened or angry, when they want some attention or it could be due to some health reasons.

We discuss later how to identify these different sounds so you can be sure your hamster is squeaking  for the right reasons.

Why Does a Syrian Hamster Squeak?

Making Noise

By now, you must have understood that hamsters produce squeaking noise. All animals have their own language through which they communicate. Syrian hamsters also communicate in various ways.

Hamsters mostly communicate through scent trails they generate by their urine. Sometimes they create ultrasonic sounds. Sometimes these hamsters do Bruxing. They rub their front teeth together that generates loud noise.

Syrian hamsters squeak a lot. They sound like rubber duck making noise upon squeezing. This may sound cute but it might be a trigger sound or warning or mating sound. It is important to learn the meaning of the squeaks if you want to help your Syrian hamster.

It is not an easy task to understand a clear meaning of hamster’s squeaking noise. However, some specific behavioural trend is common in every hamster. As mentioned above, they squeak when they are in distress, they squeak out of joy too.

Let’s discuss in detail about the four common signs mentioned above to understand the reason for your Syrian hamster’s squeak.

1. Loud Squeaking Noise: Looking for Attention

A loud squeaking noise by a Syrian hamster is their way of telling you that it may be frightened or feeling ignored and it needs your attention. If this happens, do not feel agitated. Hold your hamster smoothly and pat it lightly. Attending your hamster this way will make them feel good. Scoop it peacefully until the squeaking stops.

This also means that you need to do a little hard work to make your bond with your hamster strong. Once your hamster will start feeling that you care for him and you spend time with him, he will stop making the squeaking noise.

Syrian Hamster in a cage

2. Single Chirping Voice: Sign of Happiness

A single chirping is a happy sound. When I first heard my lady hamster making single small chirp, she was in a heat. She was making the sound to call for a mate. When a hamster is in a heat, she uses the sound to communicate with her mate or friends. You can call it a mating call sound or happy chirping.

When your hamster chirp or squeak slowing, it might be happy seeing you. Single chirp sound is also a greeting sound. Hamsters squeak when they are happy to see their masters. This is the perfect time for you to go and do some hearty talking with your Syrian hamster.

3. Aggressive Squeaking: Sign of Aggression

You must have noticed, when you pick your hamster, sometimes it makes a loud squeaking with aggression. Do not worry; it is not necessarily going to bite you. It is a sign of their aggression. It might also not be in the mood to meet or entertain you.

When your Syrian hamster is agitated, it sounds between a single chirping and the loud chirp. There are various reasons for this particular squeak. When the hamster is new with the environment, it tries to dominate other hamsters or its cage mates. The squeaking might be the result of bickering and fighting.

Often, a new hamster tries to acknowledge its environment. Aggressive squeaking might be the reason for its restlessness due to place change. Once, the hamster settles down, it stops making noises. This states that your hamster has accepted its new home.

4. Persistent Squeaking: Due to Some Health Issues

If your Syrian hamster is squeaking persistently even after you have tried to soothe it, it might be worth talking to your vet. Persistent squeaking means the hamster is unwell or something is wrong. If your hamster is making a noise as you see in the video it could have a respiratory infection that needs to be treated.

Other things to check are the cleanliness of the cage, if their drinking water is clean or not, if their food is hygienic or spoiled. Perhaps, the food bowl is empty or the hamster is thirsty. Perhaps the cage is not comfortable or the hamster need some out of the cage time.

Summing Up:

Hamsters are a very joyful animal. Nevertheless, they need special care. If you ignore the squeaking, it might be perilous to these small rodents. It might also possible that the hamster is squeaking obstinately because it needs your attention. Next time, when you hear the hamster squeaking or making a weird noise, go to it. Sooth it, console it and tell it that you are there. Hamsters are a very delicate animal. They hardly speak but when they squeak, it must have some reasons.

If you understand the hamster’s language, it will be easy for you and the hamster both to get along well with each other. A slight recklessness can kill your little buddy. I hope the article will help you understand the reason for producing squeaking noise by your Syrian hamster.

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