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Can Dwarf Hamsters Live Together?

One of the first thing I thought when buying little Rocky from the pet shop was should I buy another one to keep him company.

This lead me to the question can dwarf hamsters live together?

Roborovski, Winter white and Campbell’s dwarfs can live together if introduced at a young age. Russian Dwarf hamsters can live together but have been known to start to fight as they get older.

Whilst they can live together you might find that some people, because of the reasons we mention below, still choose to keep their hamsters separate.

Are dwarf hamsters better in pairs?

Although hamsters love to live alone dwarf hamsters are an exception. They are more friendly and social when kept in pairs. So, they can be kept together as long as you introduce them at a young age.

Can two female dwarf hamsters live together?

Multiple hamster in a cage

It’s better if your hamsters are the same sex. They will get along better from the young age without any trouble. Don’t worry; the female dwarfs will be safe and happy together.

Two male hamsters can also live together but you should look out for signs of aggression and be prepared to separate them if this happens.

Can a male and female dwarf hamster live together?

The answer is yes, but be prepared to have plenty of more little hamsters. The male and female hamsters will breed rapidly. Sharing cage would become a big problem.  I suggest keeping them in separate cages after breeding. If your goal is not creating baby hamsters, then buy separate cages and keep them apart.

How to Introduce the Hamsters?

Make sure that both your hamsters are dwarf hamsters and preferably from the same litter.

Firstly buy a big cage that has two sets of everything because hamsters don’t like sharing at all.  Provide them with two food dishes, exercise wheels, two water bottles and hiding places.

Dwarf hamsters will live with another hamster happily with which they grew up with or where introduced to from a young age. Around the age of 4 to 6 weeks is best for them to be introduced, anything after this period makes it more difficult.

Do not ever try to introduce a young hamster to an older hamster this won’t end well.

Hamster in a cage

I would recommend you to introduce dwarf hamsters to each other by placing one hamster in a smaller wire cage that is fitted in a larger one. Put the other hamster free inside the larger cage. This works just like a divider. Make sure you provide enough space for both. Leave them like this for a few days so they get used to each other. This way they can smell and hear each other without the danger of them attacking each other.

A week later, change their places. The larger cage one goes into smaller mesh one and vice versa. After a few days, check if they are not behaving aggressively towards each other, then remove the mesh divider. Allow them to explore and interact with each other. If this method does not work, repeat it two more times to see If they really want to be friends or not.

If the divider approach works and the dwarf hamster pair get along you can remove the divider.  Make sure to keep an eye on their behaviors to avoid fights as time passes.

What to do if they start to Fight?

Separate them immediately. Sadly, you’re going to have no choice but to permanently separate them. They must be separated. Nobody wants to see their pets getting hurt or killed. Leaving your dwarf hamsters to fight will result in one of the hamsters getting badly injured and eventually killed. So, don’t try to break this rule and save your precious little hamsters on time.

Keep in mind that even if you are doing everything right and to the best of your ability, the bond may not work.

Many people have successfully kept two hamsters happily in the same cage so if you like the idea of having two hamsters you should try and see how they get on.

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